Not sure what a Candy and Soda Buffet is ?


Do you remember childhood trips to the local shop..clutching your pocket money, agonising over what to buy, trying to work out how to get the maximum amount for your money (oblivious to the long queues behind you)

There was a time when sweets were a penny each !! You may even remember when you could get 1/2 penny sweets...Happy days !!

You may also remember when old fashioned "soda pop" was delivered to your door, on a weekly basis by the Corona man.

Favourites were..American cream soda, Dandelion and Burdoch, Cherryade and Sarsparilla.

We're specialising in recreating those precious childhood memories..for your guests to enjoy at your event.

We offer a selection of the old favourites,

Flying saucers, Shrimps, Foam bananas, Mushrooms, Love hearts, Dolly mixtures and Sherbet to name but a few, bringing the fun of a retro style pick and mix to your event. 

Presented in beautiful glassware, with a large flagon of old fashioned soda, and table decorations to compliment your colour scheme.

Be honest,  what would you rather receive as a favour, pot pourri, sugar almonds or a big bag of your favourite sweeties?

Get ahead of the game, and contact us today to bring some good old fashioned nostalgia to your event.

Great as a fun and funky alternative to wedding favours ! 

Our Candy and Soda Buffet is perfect for any occasion:

- Weddings

- Birthday parties

- Anniversary parties

- Christmas parties

- Corporate events


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